Primordial Sound Meditation

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Primordial Sound Meditation

What is PSM?

Primordial Sound Meditation (PSM) is a powerful meditation technique that is rooted in the Vedic tradition of India. If you’re looking for a mantra based meditation practice Primordial Sound Meditation could be perfect for you.

With Primordial Sound Meditation, you will receive a personal mantra that is unique to you.

Learn to meditate with timeless practice of 

Primordial Sound Meditation

  • It’s a healing meditation that allows us to experience inner calm and deep relaxation, is an unique  method of meditation based on Vedic wisdom. 
  • Primordial Sound Meditation uses select sounds of the Universe, called mantras. to disconnect us from our activities of life. 
  • Practicing Primordial Sound Meditation you will be guided to use the ancient technology to quieter the levels of the thinking process, until you enter into the gap between thoughts, to connect with inner peace and stillness. This state of awareness most likely has been hidden by layers of stress, fatigue, toxins, doubts, fears, and confusion. 
  • The ancient practice of PSM use the vibration of  sound through voice, mantra or breath work to harmonize the mind and the nervous system.

How meditation can help you?

Practicing Primordial Sound Meditation on a daily basis can help you to:

  • Manage stress
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Improve your relationships
  • Create inner peace
  • Awaken your intuition
  • Enhance your sleep patterns
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Become less judgmental
  • Decrease depression and insomnia 

What is a Mantra?

You may have heard the word mantra or practiced it in past meditations or a yoga class.
A mantra is a specific sound or vibration, which is a tools used to enter a more profound state of awareness. Some mantras have literal translations, while others do not.
In PSM, when you receive your mantra, no meaning is attached. The meaning arises from you and becomes sacred through your continuous use and practice.

Primordial Sound Mantra

Primordial Sound Meditation provides you with a personalized mantra that is based on the vibration the universe was making at the time and place of your birth. It is calculated based on moon’s position at the time of your birth.
You will be provided with a Beej or seed sound unique for you from a set of 108 different mantras in Primordial Sound Meditation.

How does Primordial Sound Meditation work?

When you silently repeat your mantra in Primordial Sound Meditation, it creates a vibration that helps you enter the space between your thoughts, which can help you reach an absolute silence that is often referred to as “the gap.”

Life gets busy, and we usually have thousands of thoughts running around our minds. 

On a typical day, your mind might be filled with thoughts like these: Did I feed the dog? I have to remember to email the PTA today. I need to call the Hair Cuttery before it closes. When you use your personalized mantra, your mind can better escape that noisy chatter and help you enter pure awareness. 

What to expect

We offer Primordial Sound Meditation classes in two formats—a 3-class course or a single session. The traditional method is through the 3-class course that allows you to dive deep into the benefits of Primordial Sound Meditation. In the single session, less time will be spent on learning meditation and more on learning your mantra and how to use it.

Our courses are taught by Jas, a Chopra Center certified PSM instructor.

In our in person class or hybrid model, during your first session, you will receive your personal mantra based on your birth date, location, and time. You’ll then learn how to create a daily practice and continue to deepen your meditation. 

As a participant, you will be introduced to the basics of meditation as well as delve deeper into philosophy and higher states of consciousness. The course is designed to help you build a strong foundation to form a solid meditation practice.


PSM Class: $395
Four 1-hour sessions + a 1-1 private session

Each Primordial Sound Meditation class costs $395 per person for the four 1 hour in-person sessions.

You will attend with the group and receive your personalized PSM mantra with a 1-1 session.

Hybrid PSM Course $149
Online course + 20-Minute 1-1 session 

If you would like to take the hybrid version of our PSM course, where you will have access to the PSM online self-paced lessons
you will receive your personalized mantra via a 1-1 Zoom session, for $149.

Also available: Private meditation & guidance – Four 30-minute private 1-1 sessions for $200

Recommended as a follow-up monthly or quarterly to help continue and deepen your practice.

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