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Our vision is to make the world a more mindful place by providing a platform with practices for your growth, wellness and wellbeing.

We provide a space for teachers to start their online practice and existing practitioners to share their knowledge.



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Learn with Masters is an online platform that allows students and teachers to come together on a higher path of learning through mentorship.

            The founder, Jas, was inspired to create an online space for teachers to start their online practice, and existing practitioners to share their knowledge. We welcome teachers that focus on alternative wellness methods, Eastern medicine, healing modalities, holistic healing, mind & body wellbeing, spiritual coaching services, and more.

            Jas is an experienced teacher and compassionate friend who strives to make alternative wellness traditions accessible and enriching for students. This platform aims to build a supportive community of like-minded individuals by bringing students and teachers together. The community is passionate about maintaining the harmonious connection of the mind and body while helping others reach their true potential.

            Jas has spent years studying Chopra Meditation, Transformative Coaching, Positive Psychology & Resilience, Health, and Spiritual Wellbeing.  He is well versed in meditation modalities, including Breathing, Mantra, Mindfulness, Tao, Tibetan Buddhist, Vipassana & Zen.

            During his time studying, Jas has connected with established and amateur coaches across the globe. When he finished his Chopra certification program, Jas noticed the demand for a knowledge-driven wellness platform that benefited both teachers and students. Today, he hopes that Learn with Masters can give teachers an online home, and students a trustworthy place to land.

             Teachers can collectively share services online via courses, workshops, and master classes. They are able to connect to their target audience, grow their business, and build lasting relationships with new students. Most importantly, students are able to gain access to resources and a sacred community that elevates their journey towards mind, body, and spiritual wellbeing.

            Learn with Masters is on a mission to make the world a more mindful place. If you want to collaborate with us, please reach out! We are always looking for new teachers to join the team, and opportunities to provide value to our students.


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