Master your Wellbeing – Unlock your Purpose

NY - August 13, 2022 & NJ - August 20, 2022

10am - 4pm EST

Invest in your Wellness & Wellbeing


Master your Purpose workshop

Master your Wellness & Wellbeing with a Holistic Health approach.

  • Unlock your Purpose and live a fulfilling life. 
  • Learn & Practice Ayurveda, Pranayama, Meditation & Yoga 
  • Take a dosh quiz to know your mind body make up
  • Explore alternative healing techniques to Improve your health with a simple customized tips to balance your Body & Mind
  • Tone your body and energy with Chakra meditation

BONUS: Receive a 15 minute Reiki healing treatment

Call for more info (732) 423-6963

NJ  – Tula Club 

NY – The Meadow Club

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Jas. Singh

Certified Meditation, Holistic Health Instructor
& Wellbeing Coach

Jas Fugan 付言 Singh is a wellbeing coach, certified in: Mindfulness, Chopra Meditation, Health, Positive Psychology & Resilience. 

Jas is passionate about sharing practices from wisdom traditions like Ayurveda for everyone to apply for our Holistic Health. He also offers transformation coaching with 12 week programs to help you focus on:

  • PURPOSE: work to clarify your purpose with soul questions: “Who am I? What is my purpose?”
  • INTENTION: work to set intention with questions“What do I want? What am I grateful for?”
  • MEANING: work to clarify your purpose with questions: “How are my beliefs limiting my potential?”
  • SHADOW: Recognize and clear internal blocks

Read More about Jas on his Holistic Teachers Page

Customers reviews

What people say?

"Before I met Jas I was feeling lost and confused with what my main purpose was and how to live a more fulfilled life. Coaching on Purpose helped me uncover my aspirations and empowered me with the steps of connecting back to my inner, true self..."
Advertising Professional
One of my biggest challenges is making stillness a habit. In my first session with Jas, I revealed that I lived with stress and high anxiety. Without hesitation he guided me through a very simple breathing technique called Pranayama that I found to be very effective. Jas has the ability to instantly put a person at ease with his calm demeanor and gentle voice. It lends perfectly to a guided meditation...

Indu Kaur
Yoga Instructor

Indu Kaur is Operations Director of the Meadow Club/ Saghar Indian fusion resto Bar at The Meadow Club and Saghar Indian fusion Resto Bar. Indu Kaur is a Holistic Practitioner through which she teaches Meditation and Yoga classes, and offers Shirodhara Therapy.

A skilled practitioner, she helps clients achieve balance between their mental and physical health. Ms. Kaur is also recognized as an International Ayurvedic Panchakarma (cleansing of the body) Practitioner.

Indu is certified to:
* Practice Reiki
* Teach Yoga
* Teach Groovy Child’s Yoga
* Ayurvedic body work and specializes in Shirodhara Treatment.

Shirodhara Therapy is a form of Ayurveda Therapy that is incredibly beneficial for your body and mind…

READ MORE about Indu on her Holistic Teachers Page

Patricia D’Angelo Hatha Yoga Teacher

Patricia D’Angelo
Hatha Yoga Teacher

Patricia D’Angelo had the privilege and honor to study Yoga directly under one of the last true yoga masters, H.H. Sri Swami Buaji Maharaj.

After many years of training, she was taught the many intricacies of Yoga.

She has been teaching  Hatha Yoga, in this community, for over 30 years. Sharing with those who care to learn the beauty and wonders of Yoga.

To her, Yoga is beyond the twisting and balancing poses. It is a complete lifestyle, in which you merge a healthy body with a peaceful mind.

Marianne H. Hennigar CMT

Marianne H. Hennigar
Wellness Coach

Marianne H. Hennigar CMT is a pain management specialist and wellness coach. Through guided focus techniques clients find relief from body pain, anxiety, stress, depression, relational difficulties, trauma, self doubt and ruminative thinking. Marianne has been a hands-on healer since 1994.

Trained as a clinical sports massage therapist she blends the cutting edge modalities of Somatic Experiencing and Brainspotting along with her knowledge in physiology to bring lasting relief and well being to people of all walks of life. 

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