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Ayurveda Prakruti Vikruti Know your dosha

The Vikruti quiz provides a snapshot of your current mind-body state. 

This quiz is intended as a tool for you to make lifestyle choices to honor your personal combination of the three doshas and to bring yourself back to your essential nature—your true balance. When you’re in balance, you feel healthy, energetic, and happy. If you have not  –  find your state that you were born with – Prakruti Quiz

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Vikruti Quiz (#14)
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Answer three sections to know your current dosha (mind-body) state.


Answer each statement as it applies to your life experiences over the past 30-60 days. 


Part 1 - VATA



Part 2 - PITTA



Part 3 - KAPHA

Kapha Mind

Kapha Body



Mind - your highest score is of type:


To balance: 


To balance: 


To balance: 

Interpreting Your Results 

The Vikruti quiz provides a snapshot of your current mind-body state. 

•The mind principle with the highest score is the one primarily governing your mind and emotions at this time.

•The body principle that scored the highest is the one primarily governing your body at this time.

•If your mind score is different from your body score, follow the dosha diet and use the appropriate dosha teas and spice blends that correspond to your highest body score. 

•Use the dosha music, massage oils, and aromas that correspond to your highest mind score. 

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