Taffy Health Coach

Taffy Thao Nguyen

Certified Holobody Coach

Website:  https://taffyhealthcoach.com

Taffy’s mission is

to help others to transform their lives with a shorter journey and achieve their life goals or dreams faster with the most desired results by holistic approach through energy healing, holobody coaching, and creating/cooking tasty healthy quick meals.

As I have been going through this journey and experience the true benefits from my new life experiences, now I want to pay it forward.

Taffy Health Coach

Taffy's Services

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Taffy transmits the healing energy from the Universe to helps enhance your healing abilities. The healing session takes less than 4 minutes and can be done remotely.
Coaching ladies

Holobody Coaching

Using Holobody approach, effortlessly synchronize with the peak body you want to live in.
Asian cooking coaching

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Make eating and live a more healthy life. Taffy's Asian cooking recipes are quick, easy, tasty, and healthy for life.

Start your MIND-BODY Journey today!

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