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NY - June 21st Vendors

International day of Yoga at THE MEADOW CLUB

ilaStrate Yoga Mats Suffolk County NY
Lauryn Vacey IlaStrat yoga mats

Lauren Vacey
Founder – IlaStrate

ilaStrate, yoga mat design co. is a Yoga Brand focused on creating functional works of art that inspire yoga practice and lifestyle while upholding eco-conscious commitments and practices.

Our yoga mats are natural, sustainable, vegan, biodegradable and eco-friendly as well as beautiful. Made with cork + natural rubber, ilaStrate yoga mats feature exclusive printed designs, hand painted series, and custom options, our specialty. ilaStrate is home to the original Juti Pro Mat: an energy healing spiral coil design engraved into our exclusive Bandha Grip top layer.

ilaStrate accessories + meditation offerings include: hand made copper coil + crystal Meditation Jewelry, 100% cotton yoga mat bags, 100% cork yoga blocks and so much more to aid yoga and meditation practice and lifestyle.

Website: https://www.ilastrate.yoga

Get a 10% off with code – ” ILA-LWM-10 “

Insight Healing Ministries, Psycho-emotive Anatomy ™ is a body based approach addressing physical and emotional experience.

Marianne H. Hennigar CMT is a pain management specialist and wellness coach. Through guided focus techniques clients find relief from body pain, anxiety, stress, depression, relational difficulties, trauma, self doubt and ruminative thinking. Marianne has been a hands-on healer since 1994.

Trained as a clinical sports massage therapist she blends the cutting edge modalities of Somatic Experiencing and Brainspotting along with her knowledge in physiology to bring lasting relief and well being to people of all walks of life. 

Marianne’s Website at Insighthealingministries.com

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Mary Sassone
Intuitive Energy Healing

Release Chronic Pain ~ Increased Vitality ~ Balance & Harmony

I empower energy to activate natural healing. In Energy Medicine we recognize energy as a vital living force. Our energy systems are there to support us. It’s understanding the bodies energy anatomy and how it interacts, directly and indirectly impacts our health. The health of the body reflects the health of the energies. All the bodies energy systems are interconnected. Once activated the body has a natural ability to heal. The bodies natural state is health.

I’ve been an empath and intuitive all my life. Energy work and healing is my true passion. It’s not just what I do it’s who I am.

About Mary:

  • Energy Medicine Practitioner
  • Energy Psychology
  • Reiki Master

301 East Main St.
Port Jefferson, NY 11777

Website: Energyworksforwellness.com

Feeding+Your+Life+logo+ +without+background
Jennifer Kelly Holistic Health Coach

Jennifer Kelly Certified Holistic Health Coach

Jennifer is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and founder of Feeding Your Life, Inc., as well as FeedingYourLife.com, both dedicated to supporting those seeking to improve their health and overall happiness through whole food and self care.  After a health crisis prompted her to seek natural healing, she left her job as a high school teacher to dedicate herself to a holistic lifestyle and turned her health around.  Jennifer now instructs her clients on healthy lifestyle practices, self-care and nutrition. Her work includes hands-on cooking classes, workshops and lectures. In 2017, Jennifer Kelly (Gian Jaspriya Kaur), was introduced to Kundalini Yoga… READ MORE about Jennifer Kelly’s services
Life Wave Patch

David Schmidt, founder of LifeWave, recognizes that we are light beings first and physical beings at our lowest collapse and vibration of Consciousness.  

LifeWave patches do not treat disease but they prevent disease before it develops and before structural damage occurs. Similar to acupuncture but without the needles, by applying LifeWave patches to the skin, this non-transdermal nanotechnology optimizes health at the cellular level, activating the bodies inner intelligence to heal itself.

All LifeWave products are free from drugs, chemicals and stimulants. LifeWave products provide healing in a completely non-invasive, safe and cost-effective way. LifeWave products offered include:

  • X39 – activates and mobilizes the body’s stem cells, supporting natural wound healing processes and immune function, reduced inflammation, increased energy and vitality, mental clarity, pain relief, and more!
  • X49 – cardiovascular support, muscle building, tissue repair
  • Energy Enhancer – increases energy and endurance
  • IceWave – safe and natural pain relief
  • Aeon – reduces stress and decreases inflammation
  • Glutathione – supports the immune system and detoxification
  • Carnosine – increases stamina, strength and flexibility
  • SP6 – stimulates points on body known to regulate appetite and reduce cravings
  • Nirvana – supports healthy endorphin production to enhance  mood
  • Silent Nights – enhances quality and length of sleep
  • Alavida – stimulates production of collagen improving skin health from the inside out!

For more info visit


Felicia Kasow pure mammography

Felicia Kasow

Director of Operations and Marketing

Felicia has been in the Medical field for over 26 years. She has been responsible for managing, marketing and developing new divisions for many companies. She is passionate about SAVING LIVES AND providing state of the services to her clientele. She also prides herself on educating people on the importance of getting their annual screening. She is a strong advocate for her clients and makes sure that every woman is provided the screening they require even if they do not have medical coverage.

Website:  Pure Mammography

Pure Mammography, Lake Grove
A Division of Medical Arts Radiology
Director of Marketing and Operations
Mindfulness breathing

Mission Be is not-for-profit that scaled nationally, implementing mindfulness-based social emotional learning programs in schools and communities.

Mission Be is elated to be participating in International Yoga Day at The Meadow Club!

Senior mindful educator, Julie Ruggiero will be guiding people in one on one mindful breaths. 

Website: http://www.missionbe.org/

Kathrine Mitchell Intuitive Author RYT Transformational Life Coach Artist Speaker

Kathrine Mitchell 

Intuitive  Author  RYT
Transformational Life Coach   
Artist  Speaker

Our mission is to bridge the laws of science and spirit with my Intuitive practice and the Aligning Method. It has the intention to help us realign with our higher self and highest intelligence to find peace within our hearts and mind and create a path to healing and enlightenment.
I have a simple yet unique approach with the hope of empowering individuals and assisting in finding their strength and courage to create a life they love. It’s the only way we can make favorable changes in our lives. 
Share our Intuitive practice, Yoga, Meditation, and other Mindful services. Also, the Living Aligned Book, Crystal, and The Rooted Jewelry Collection will be available to purchase.

Ayurveda Yoga balance

At the NY Meadow Club event – International Yoga Day on June 21st, The Qbalancekit will selling a collection of Shungite (crystal) articles for EMF protection;

“Come back to your innate balance with frequencies from mother earth”