Enrolled: 10 students
Duration: 2
Lectures: 5
Level: Beginner
chakra sitting meditation

In this course, Learn about what are Chakras or energy centers in our body. What & Why about balancing with guided meditations.   

Topics Covered

  • What are Chakras?
  • Why balance?
  • Guided Meditations balancing with
    • Mantras
    • Colors
    • Affirmations

Introduction to Chakras
Why balance the Chakras
Seven Main Chakras
How to balance your chakra energy with the CHAKRA Toning meditation?
Balancing with Colors
No experience is needed. You may be a beginner or have tried meditation and Yoga before. Either way you will learn & get to practice.
Meditation is optional in this series, We will share many simple was to work with Chakras, one of them will be guided meditations.

Coming Soon: 5/1/2022

More Chakras Guided Meditations


Languages: French, Spanish

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