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Jas Fugan Singh

Wellbeing Coach & Holistic Health Instructor

Jas Fugan 付言 Singh is a wellbeing coach, certified in: Mindfulness, Chopra Meditation, Health, Positive Psychology & Resilience. 

Jas is passionate about sharing practices from wisdom traditions like Ayurveda for everyone to apply for our Holistic Health. He also offers transformation coaching with 12 week programs to help you focus on:

PURPOSE: work to clarify your purpose with soul questions: “Who am I? What is my purpose?”
INTENTION: work to set intention with questions“What do I want? What am I grateful for?”
MEANING: work to clarify your purpose with questions: “How are my beliefs limiting my potential?”
SHADOW: Recognize and clear internal blocks

Leilainia Marcus

Wellbeing Coach & Holistic Health Instructor

Leilainia Marcus Transformational Coach through Movement, Breath, Stillness, Awareness. Leilainia ( Lei-Lain-Ya) is a certified Chopra Health & Meditation Instructor, Transformational Coach, a Hatha & Kundalini Yoga Instructor, as well as an award winning Belly Dancer.   Leilainia’s classes/ sessions uplift the spirit, inspire confidence, create physical and universal awareness, and enhance self-knowledge.  Leilainia currently […]


Reiki Master

Marcy is first and foremost, before any of of her many titles, a servant to the infinity and a seeker of all things truth, love and light. A registered nurse and Reiki master teacher of 20 years, she is at her very core a healer. Her many gifts are used to help ignite others to their truth and best life paths. A medium at the age of 11, she brings angel cards, palm reading and numerology into all of her readings. She can read with tarot cards but prefers the Angel cards as she feels they have so much to say. It’s as if they have been waiting to speak or perhaps we are just ready to listen.

She held a big city job as a CRNI specialist heading up one of the strongest infusion sales teams for 10 years before opening The Healing Center At Port Jeff Salt Cave. Before leaving the city she started the Weil Cornel University Hospital’s outpatient oncology department to start up a Reiki program for patients receiving chemo treatments. It has since grown into a full integrated healing department of the hospital. She has been guided to add many healing modalities to her tool box for supporting those on their healing journey such as; EFT, sound vibrational healing, angel healing and crystal energy balancing and she is a certified Kundalini yoga instructor.

Patricia D’Angelo

Hatha Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher

Patricia D’Angelo had the privilege and honor to study Yoga directly under one of the last true yoga masters, H.H. Sri Swami Buaji Maharaj.

After many years of training, she was taught the many intricacies of Yoga.

She has been teaching  Hatha Yoga, in this community, for over 30 years. Sharing with those who care to learn the beauty and wonders of Yoga.

To her, Yoga is beyond the twisting and balancing poses. It is a complete lifestyle, in which you merge a healthy body with a peaceful mind.

Indu Kaur

Yoga Instructor

Indu Kaur is Operations Director of the Meadow Club/ Saghar Indian fusion resto Bar at The Meadow Club and Saghar Indian fusion Resto Bar.

Indu Kaur is a Holistic Practitioner through which she teaches Meditation and Yoga classes, and offers Shirodhara Therapy.

Shirodhara Therapy is a form of Ayurveda Therapy that is incredibly beneficial for your body and mind. This curative and preventive wonder is a holistic health approach that originated in India thousands of years ago. It focuses on balancing your doshas and finding harmony. Ayurveda is an alternative medicine system with historical roots in the Indian subcontinent.

A skilled practitioner, she helps clients achieve balance between their mental and physical health. Ms. Kaur is also recognized as an International Ayurvedic Panchakarma (cleansing of the body) Practitioner.

Indu is certified to:
* Practice Reiki
* Teach Yoga
* Teach Groovy Child’s Yoga as a
* Massage Therapist
and specializes in
* Shirodhara Treatment.

Taffy Health Coach

Wellbeing Coach & Holistic Health Instructor

Taffy Thao Nguyen Certified Holobody Coach Website:  https://taffyhealthcoach.com Taffy’s mission is to help others to transform their lives with a shorter journey and achieve their life goals or dreams faster with the most desired results by holistic approach through energy healing, holobody coaching, and creating/cooking tasty healthy quick meals. As I have been going through […]

Marianne H. Hennigar

Wellness Coach

Marianne H. Hennigar CMT is a pain management specialist and wellness coach. Through guided focus techniques clients find relief from body pain, anxiety, stress, depression, relational difficulties, trauma, self doubt and ruminative thinking. Marianne has been a hands-on healer since 1994.

Trained as a clinical sports massage therapist she blends the cutting edge modalities of Somatic Experiencing and Brainspotting along with her knowledge in physiology to bring lasting relief and well being to people of all walks of life.

Jennifer Kelly

Wellbeing Coach & Holistic Health Instructor

Jennifer is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and founder of Feeding Your Life, Inc., as well as FeedingYourLife.com, both dedicated to supporting those seeking to improve their health and overall happiness through whole food and self care.  After a health crisis prompted her to seek natural healing, she left her job as a high school teacher to […]

Shweta Parmar

Wellbeing Coach & Holistic Health Instructor

Shweta Parmar: Ayurvedic Practitioner, Wombens Vitality Expert, Birthworker Shweta’s mission to heal from polycystic kidney disease and her endless search for her True Self is driven by her reverence and love for Mother Nature, Ayurveda, Yoga and Universal Oneness. As an Ayurveda practitioner/therapist of GutsierLiving, she supports people who eat organic and healthy and still […]

Gisela Velasquez

Wellbeing Coach & Holistic Health Instructor

Gisela Velasquez – Certified Meditation Instructor, Certified Health Coach,Ayurveda and Yoga Teacher in Training. Gisela is a passionate and enthusiastic soul who has dedicated the last ten years of her life to support and balance her physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health using holistic and natural therapies and modalities. Her ability to turn challenges into […]

Marcia Salvesen

Wellbeing Coach & Holistic Health Instructor

In 1998, I took my first yoga class and began teaching asana classes in 2002.  I study and practice Hatha Yoga in the tradition of H. H. YogiRaj Swami Bua Ji of India, under the generous tutelage of Patricia D’Angelo. I am an initiate of the Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy, where I […]

Yvonne Secreto

Yoga Educator, Pilates Instructor, Meditation Teacher

Yvonne SecretoReiki Instructor, Relationship & Wellness Coach    Yvonne Secreto, R.N., is an author and lead facilitator with multiple decades of experience as a clinical nurse to a diverse patient population, with expertise in holistic medicine, psychiatry, trauma care and hospice. Yvonne is a Certified Reiki Master, and has trained over 500 Reiki practitioners. She also provides wellness coaching and specialized healing […]

Sharmila Nigam

Reiki Master

Sharmila Nigam, having elevated intuition, is an active and certified Reiki Practitioner. Sharmila continues to study, learn, practice and is looking to pursue her Reiki Mastery certification. She is the CEO/Founder of One Love Generation, a wellness human connection business, where she creates events to support awareness of different causes along with promoting self care with natural products using essential oils infusing them with Reiki energy.

Sharmila raises her 2 children and excels as a Senior Customer Success Manager for LexisNexis Global Nexis Solutions. An advocate for Inclusion and Diversity, as a Senior Member of the gNS I&D Council, CFO of Women’s Connected employee resource group, a Psychological Safety Facilitator, inducted to the Marquis Who’s Who biographical volume 2021 and a recipient of the Girl Scouts of Suffolk County Outstanding Volunteer Award 2022.

Sharmila deeply cares and ensures that humans are heard and given the best support to utilize the services that she provides.

Melissa Boyd

Yoga Educator, Pilates Instructor, Meditation Teacher

Melissa BoydYoga Educator, Pilates Instructor,Meditation Teacher  Melissa is a yoga instructor and educator since 2001, and Dance teacher since 1995, and Pilates Instructor since 2004. She is Director of Yoga University-East Coast Yoga Teacher Training School and Director of Satya Yoga and Pilates Wellness Studio. She is also a master meditation teacher and specializes in […]

Suzanne Alagna

Health and Life Coach

Certified yoga instructor, hatha & vinyasa,
Studio owner since 2009
Certified meditation leader
Certified health coach and life coach
I began practicing yoga as a way to heal my body in 2006. I was very quickly inspired to pursue a career in this field. As a studio owner here on Long Island with two locations on both the north and south shores of Suffolk county. I have enjoyed sharing and offering the healing arts for over 12 years now, and look forward to many more.

Crystal Staley-Phillips

Holistic Wellness Coach

Crystal Staley-Phillips is devoted to healing on many levels, and a firm believer that all healing stems from within.

Founder of Crystal Clear Inner Vision, Crystal is a licensed Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner (RTT) & Holistic Wellness Coach. RTT is a unique blend of hypnosis, NLP, CBT and other proven modalities designed to tap into the subconscious mind and identify the root cause of what is keeping a person stuck, stagnant or bound. The glorious outcome is freedom. The results are lasting and profound.

Crystal offers various packages to address a multitude of issues such as past trauma, performance anxiety, weight management, behavior modification and more. Crystal is certified in:
– Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)
– Nuero Linguistic Programing (NLP)
– Holistic Health & Wellness
– Life Coaching
She has also begun her journey in Reiki and will be completing Reiki II in the coming months.

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